The Association of Professional Genealogists’ Code of Ethics is our benchmark.

Need a research boost to help with your legal matter?

The Association of Professional Genealogists’ Code of Ethics is our benchmark.

Confidentiality and integrity

Confidentiality is important to you and us and is the reason why you will not see the names of our clients on our website, in the media or talked about at a conference.  We only contact people who may be beneficiaries with your permission.

We perform our research services to the professional standards your clients expect.   When we handle information concerning living people we do so with appropriate discretion and in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles.  If a conflict of interest arises, we disclose it, and we never withhold, suppress, or knowingly misquote or misinterpret data.

Beneficiary Finders works with you or your client, as part of a cross-border team, or on a discrete piece of research.  We take the time to understand your requirements and ask questions and raise issues as we search.

Working together

Our genealogist understands the principles of succession and relevant Australian statutes, so we will not waste your money and our time chasing down irrelevant people, descendants or ancestors.

After we receive your instructions, we prepare a Costs Estimate including the services we believe may be necessary.

Once we reach agreement, we get underway.

Our research services rely on access to the right information or document, and while the time it takes to apply for and access some records is beyond our control, we offer a priority research service for urgent matters.

Get in touch with us and will work with you to understand what you need.  And if it is not within our skill and knowledge, we will say so and find the right person you need.